T ips for deciding as soon as a U.S. postcard got printed. Publisher’s numbering scheme .

Source: Much of the items in these tips comprise excerpted with license from Beginner’s Facts on the pastime of Postcard obtaining, the main town of Arizona Postcard organization. Appreciation and then to Chuck Harbert; and to Nina Webber, whose donated postcards can be used for the tips within the web page. Compiled by Todd Ellison, licensed Archivist (previous revised 8/7/2006)

Publisher’s numbering program

Founder Era (1893-1898) the planet’s primary pic postcards evening within the 1860s within the mid-1870s, a good many oldest American image postcards extant these days are those that were were purchased within planet Columbian a

“The Absolute Best imprinted cards happened to be developed produced by the photogravure procedure. These are generally hard to notice from real photograph but generally don’t have the sleek finish of photographs. The Laura Gilpin black-jack cards of Mesa Verde and Silverton are wonderful types of the photogravure steps.” (Origin: Chuck Harbert, e-mail into creator, 8/7/06)

Because of the postage:

One easy way to mimic any time a postcard got sent if the termination meeting is definitely unreadable should have in mind the modifications in costs for posting postcards. The subsequent stand is inspired by famous reports with the U . S .: colonial time to 1970, and Statistical theoretical.

*The postcard speed would be improved from 1 cent to 2 cents as a wartime measure. Whenever business battle I ended at the end of 1918, the interest rate was actually decreased to the pre-War degree of one penny. Allmer says (p. 17) that postage was raised temporarily from 1 cent to 2 cents in 1917-1919 plus in 1925-1928; the absolute boost to 2 cents was at 1951.

**The U.S. profit (rates aboard) over-estimated income requires in 1974 and was forced to minimize postage price in 1975.

Through publisher’s numbering plan:

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