Willow vs. Elvie: the most useful hands-free chest push? After many years of lower major changes to chest pumps, we’ve got arrived at stay an age of comparative great quantity.

Nowadays there are two breast heels being larger leaps frontward for nursing or chestfeeding mom and dad: the Elvie as well as the Willow

Both Elvie and Willow happen to be self-contained bust stations that are contain spot with a complete protection medical hooter harness. The two are powered by standard rechargeable electric batteries – the Willow utilizes an A/V re-charger as well as the Elvie utilizes USB wires. We now have reviewed them both in-depth, but in this article we are placing them head-to-head.

The Elvie can be found for purchase either as an individual pump or a set of two, even though Willow is merely accessible as a couple of two. Since we believe the majority of people will pick dual push, that’s what we’re going to be measuring up on this page.

What is for the box?

The Elvie two fold push offers:

Two modems (the engines)

4 5-ounce containers

2 24mm breast defenses

2 28mm bust guards

4 hooter harness adjusters

2 USB recharging wires

2 flanges from inside the proportions you might have chose

24 4-ounce milk handbags

2 cleaning up brushes

This is basically the initial place of distinction within Willow and Elvie. The Elvie vessels with plenty of items to pump 2 times while not having to clean any such thing besides the bust defenses. This was available in useful for me as I required to pour in the car whilst travelling; i really could just hide the grubby areas in a bag to scrub at my getaway.

In case you are moving on both corners, you will want to rinse the Willow’s areas before using it once more, also it can malfunction without normal washing.

Which are the differences between the Willow as well as the Elvie chest pump?

The primary issues tends to be:

Simply how much milk each hold

Exactly how active you may be although you pour

Just how difficult simply to make use of

The manner in which you put the dairy milk


Why don’t we start with money. The Elvie’s two fold pump will cost you $499 but goes with way more components overall. The Willow furthermore spending $499 and goes with 24 of this organizations proprietary handbags. Reusable cows milk dishes are sold independently for fifty dollars, and a package of sacks is definitely $23.99 for 48.

If you’re pumping with the Elvie, or the Willow’s reusable milk container, you can store breast milk in freezer bags, which are available at most stores from brands like Lansinoh or Medela. If you are utilizing the proprietary Willow storage space handbags, you can get them directly from the business for $23.99 for a plan of 48.

Actions grade

This kind of pump provides for increased movement than regular breast pumps that have to be attached to a wall surface and now have prolonged tubes attaching the flanges within the motor. They truly are furthermore much more discreet to make use of. Both Elvie and Willow become single-user high heels and cannot be revealed. Each is definitely eligible to be bought with money from a health family savings (HSA) or an adaptable expenditures accounts (FSA). Limited insurance policy can be accessible any time you contact your insurer.

The Willow has the obvious advantage in regards to what work can help you while pumping, with thanks to the one-way valve inside case. Wearing a comfortable bra keeps the Willow safe and secure enough to do yoga or additional moderate-intensity recreation, even where push ends up being inverted or once the customer try lying down. This really is an engineering success alone.

Dressed in the Elvie failed to experience virtually safe enough to attempt exercise or significant active while working. I did not desire to gamble interrupting the seal and achieving to bronymate App get started in.

Milk volume

The Elvie are capable of an improved level of whole milk generated in a session – 5 ounces when compared to 4 ounces when it comes to Willow. The Willow turns away quickly once it detects that it’s full. This really is a needed element given that you can not discover how a lot milk products is incorporated in the purse while you’re working. However, it’s additionally easy for the pump to shut off prematurely if the sensor is definitely completely wrong.

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