101 Paths to Peace, Power and Prosperity

What would it be worth to you to receive only one really good idea that turned your life around? $1 million? $100,000? Maybe $50,000?

If you didn’t have that kind of money, how much would you pay? $1,000? $500? $199.95? $69.95?

101 Paths to Peace, Power and Prosperity has not just one, but 134 terrific new ways of thinking that can turn your life around in an instant.

Even if only one of these worked, would it be worth the cost of a lunch for two? That case of soda that’s not good for you anyway? That carton of cigarettes? The interest payment on your credit card?

Would you believe that you can get all 134 of these simple, life changing tips for less than 15 cents each in the e-book version?

Get All 134 Tips today for only $59 


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