Here is a famous optical illusion.

What do you see?

The lines on the paper are fixed, final, and unchanging. However, your mind will organize those lines into a picture with meaning. The meaning your mind gives to the lines will shift as your perception shifts. As your perception shifts, you may find your emotions shifting as well.

What if our entire world is just like this optical illusion? What if our minds have the power to organize sensory data in a multitude of different, creative ways?

Buddhists speak of piercing the veil of illusion. What if this simply means that we notice that our minds are shaping sensory data and we have a choice as to how we shape it?

How do you want to shape your life? With sorrow or joy? With hate or love? With conflict or peace?

What did you see in the optical illusion? Did you see an old hag or a beautiful young woman? Which do you prefer to see?

More Optical Illusions:

John Langdon
Mc Escher
Fool Your Eyes (Source Credit: Miss Liza Copeland)


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