Shift, Change Your Words, Change Your World

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By Dr. Janet Smith Warfield

If you could free yourself from fear forever and do it with ease and grace instead of struggle and turmoil, would you like to know how? Would you easily like to:

  • Relax into freedom
  • Relax into joy
  • Relax into self-trust
  • Relax into integrity
  • Relax into peace
  • Relax into the power of your full potential

Give yourself permission to BE. You’re worth it.

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Shift: Change Your Words, Change Your World Audiobook
Chapter 25: Visualization

A powerful visualization, delivered by an exceptionally talented male reader, Sule Greg C. Wilson, supported by soothing music provided by John Mahoney of Raven Audio Books, allowing you to relax into the core of the unique being that you are.


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“What an experience! The journey through my own thoughts and ideas, propelled by Janet’s words, was remarkable. It was an enlightening adventure I intend to experience again and again.”

Kristi Endelicato, Graphic Designer
Lakewood, Colorado

“This is an extraordinary book. Janet’s gift of clearly communicating complex ideas makes it brilliant.”

-Ann Elliott, Professional Speaker and Leadership Strategist,
Columbia, South Carolina

“Janet asks deep and searching questions, some with answers/possible answers alongside them, but many leaving the reader the mission of self-discovery. Brilliantly done!”

-Chris Igwe, Founder and Managing Director, Chris Igwe International
Paris, France

“Reading Shift is not an ordinary read. It’s an interactive experience. Janet gently guides, sometimes jolts her readers into increased awareness, consciousness expansion, and living in the present moment…”

-Bernie Nelson, Lightword Publishing (Review)

“How can I say thank you? Your insights have changed my life. You shared one exercise that I have incorporated into my daily routine that has produced the best sixty days I have ever experienced. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.”

-Bradley E Dugdale Jr., Senior Vice President
D.A. Davidson & Company

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho


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