If you could free yourself from fear forever and do it with ease and grace instead of struggle and turmoil, would you like to know how? Would you easily like to:

  • Soothe the stress in your body?
  • Focus your anger effectively?
  • Release your guilt?
  • Increase your awareness to increase your effectiveness?
  • Discover and manifest your unique passions?
  • Harmonize your relationships?
  • Create miracles in your life?

Then read this book, play with it in ways YOU want, and watch your life SHIFT miraculously! You will discover how to tweak some serious ancient wisdom so it suddenly makes sense.

Our world needs you! Together, we can create powerful peace on the planet, one person at a time.

Why? Because we must. Why? Because it’s time. Why? Because we can.



What an experience! The journey through my own thoughts and ideas, propelled by Janet’s words, was remarkable. It was an enlightening adventure I intend to experience again and again.”

-Kristi Endelicato
Graphic Designer
Lakewood, Colorado

This is an extraordinary book. Janet’s gift of clearly communicating complex ideas makes it brilliant.”

-Ann Elliott, Professional Speaker and Leadership Strategist, Columbia, South Carolina

Janet asks deep and searching questions, some with answers/possible answers alongside them, but many leaving the reader the mission of self-discovery. Brilliantly done!

-Chris Igwe, Founder and Managing Director, Chris Igwe International, Paris, France

“Reading Shift is not an ordinary read. It’s an interactive experience. Janet gently guides, sometimes jolts her readers into increased awareness, consciousness expansion, and living in the present moment…” [More]

– Bernie Nelson, Lightword Publishing (Review)

How can I say thank you? Your insights have changed my life. You shared one exercise that I have incorporated into my daily routine that has produced the best sixty days I have ever experienced. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.”

-Bradley E Dugdale Jr.
Senior Vice President
D.A. Davidson & Company
Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.


Words! Mystical experience! I may have had one reading this! No burning bush, no sky darkening, no bright light; just a simple realization. WOW!

-Simon Filtness, Founder, The Children’s Educational Toy Store, Essex, United Kingdom

Janet has an amazing way of putting ideas together. Suddenly, life makes sense.”

-Ben Welcome, President, Welcome Construction Company, Roatan, Honduras

Janet’s ability to turn concepts into words that create “Aha’s” had me reading and re-reading … and finding I still wanted more.”

-Ms. Jae M. Rang, Speaker, Writer, President-Great Canadian Promotions, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I smiled time after time while reading the chapters. The book flows like a tune. It lifts some kind of load in my own heart to see the thoughts I hold as true being so eloquently expressed by another.”

-Peter Blank, Author of Mastering the Heat, Andover, New York.

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About the Author, Janet Smith Warfield

“Resist not evil, but turn the other cheek.”

Thirty-five years ago, Janet Smith Warfield had an unexpected mystical experience. Words she had learned as a child in Sunday school suddenly became crystal clear. In an instant, she understood their meaning.

Nothing outside her changed. Her surroundings were exactly as they had been moments before. Yet everything changed. She was suddenly looking at the same world through different eyes.

As Janet struggled to put words to this mind-boggling experience, she realized that no one understood. How could she use divisive, analytical words to communicate a unifying, holistic experience? It was a question Janet wrestled with for years.

Words were only illusions, dancing at a masked ball. They were only fingers pointing at the moon. They were not the moon.

Nevertheless, there was a moon behind the word illusions. There was a unifying, holistic experience. There was a Human Truth Puzzle that could be put together. In fact, it had been put together, over and over, by person after person throughout history. Words were one piece of that Human Truth Puzzle. Each person who solved the Puzzle used different words to point to the solution.

Janet already had a Bachelor of Arts degree from Swarthmore College, a Friends college that encourages individuality and creative thinking. As she continued her struggle with divisive, analytical words and their relationships to our experiences, she entered Rutgers School of Law, Camden, to study some of our human-created methods for using words as clearly and helpfully as possible. Janet graduated cum laude, and practiced law in Atlantic City, New Jersey, for 22 years.

As lawyer, mediator, poet, author, wife, mother, and grandmother, she has become a powerful word sculptor who knows how to bring peace into troubled lives.

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